All I want for Christmas…

I love, love, love Christmas time! People are in a great mood because of all the drinks they’re consuming end-of-year functions, holidays are around the corner and the sun is out in full force… well, for us in South Africa, at least.

Christmas shopping, on the other hand, can put a serious dampener on the cheery mood. Never mind the hordes of people flocking to the shops and the queues they bring, but the stress of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones – after all, you’ve got to top Santa!

Now, I may not be able to help you fight the millions of people at the shops (but I can give you some great shopping tips!), but I can give you some great gifting ideas by telling you what I’m hoping to find under my tree come 25 December. Ok, ok, calm down Husband (and Father Christmas), just a few of them will do…

Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette

(R850, http://www.urbandecaystore.co.za)

make-up must-haves urban decay naked

Yes, I’ve hinted at my desire for one of these babies before, but I’m just making sure I leave no stone unturned with the hinting on this one! If Hubby hasn’t realised yet that this is the ULTIMATE gift to put a smile on my dial this year, then I need to work on my subtlety – which is generally very low when it comes to the gifting department.

Anyway, I really, really, really want – no, NEED – one of these in my life. The super pigmented colours mean they go on and blend really easily, and that they’ll last for ages. Plus, the colours are incredibly versatile, suit just about every skin type and are ideal for day and night use. The real question is: do you think I can get all 3?!

Cool diary or day planner

(A5 diaries, R199,99, Typo)


If you’re anything like me, at the beginning of every year, you swear that this shall be the year you get properly organised and actually use your diary. And then you sit, fill in all the birthdays and other important dates, use it for a week (if you’re lucky) and then swiftly forget where you put it. Well, I really could do with the use of a planner or diary of sorts, and I’ve come to realise that the key to actually using this kind of this is to make sure it’s all kinds of pretty! So while it may cost a little bit more than the plain old kind of day planner, I’m sure Santa would prefer that I actually use it and get me one of these little gems, right?!

An awesome pool float

(Donut pool float, R259,99; Flamingo drink holder, R29,99; both Mr Price Home)

They’re the must-have item of the summer, so I’m waiting patiently to get my hands on one of these oh-so cool pool floats. Use them at a pool party (you can even add a drink holder float into the mix!), take them to the beach, float around the lagoon; whatever you do, just do not go through summer without one! Being a summer must-have, they’re stocked just about everywhere and come in the coolest shapes and sizes, but Mr Price Home seems to have the most affordable ones of the lot, so guess where I’m sending Santa…

A fab beach towel

(Cotton On)


It’s summer time for us here in the southern hemisphere, which means we’re destined to be pool or beach side for as long as physically possible. Yet another trend of the season is to be equipped with an uber cool swimming towel, and I’m loving that! I say the brighter, bolder and quirkier the better, which is why I’m adding a fabulous beach towel onto my Christmas wish list. Again, you can get amazing ones almost everywhere these days, but I’m loving the range from Cotton On… may as well get one to go with my awesome pool float!

Workout gear


It might not be the most glam request, but these days you get the coolest workout gear, but no matter how funky and bright it all might be, it’s still a bit of a grudge purchase. Don’t get me wrong; I love the bright prints and fun sayings, plus all the awesome accessories, but I just can’t get rid of that little voice saying “you could rather be buying a pretty dress”. Because of this, it’s actually a perfect gift – something I love and use, but don’t necessarily like to buy for myself.

I’m obsessed with H&M’s range of exercise stuff, but Mr Price Sport has fab budget-friendly options, too.

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick


I love a good read, and there’s no time like the December holidays to get stuck into a great book. I love Anna Kendrick; she’s hilarious, witty, goofy and seriously brainy, and is a great actress to boot. And when you view the world like she does, it’s bound to make for some amazing anecdotes, so I cannot wait to get my hands on this New York Times bestseller.

http://scrappylittlenobody.com/ for info (our best option is Amazon for now).

Typo hangers

(R99 each)

Secret Santa has pretty much become a Christmas party staple, and love it or hate it, you may as well try and get a cool little gift out of it – even if it means picking the one that you brought (no shame there!). These gifts are generally meant to be under R100, and should be something quirky, fun and unisex. I think that these super cute hangers from Typo couldn’t be more perfect for a Secret Santa gift… they sure do beat that random (and obviously re-gifted) drinking game!

Happy shopping, lovelies!




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