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My name is Tamlyn, and I’m addicted to scatter cushions…


It’s true: big and small, square and rectangle, plain and patterned… I love them all! In fact, it’s become such a situation that I’m doing my best to convince my hubby that it’s time to move into a bigger house, just so that I have a legitimate reason to go out and buy all those little beauties that I’ve got my eye on.

But, jokes aside, I really do believe that my addiction is completely warranted (spoken like a true addict, I know!), and these five reasons should convince you, too…

1. They give you an easy, affordable home update

If you’re anything like me, every now and then you’ll feel like you need a bit of a change in your home. A complete décor overhaul is super pricey and pretty much out of the question in my life, but simply changing up your scatter cushions doesn’t have to be, and it will give any room an instant face-lift. Bring in a new colour, a clashing print or a different shape; you won’t be sorry!

Top tip: Invest in a few really good inners and you can chop and change your covers for next to nothing. Know someone who’s handy with a sewing machine? Even better! Buy some fabric and get them made up for you.

2. Sometimes you’ve already got what you need!

You don’t always need to go out and buy new cushions if you’re looking to do a little décor update (just don’t tell my husband that!). Simply do a bit of a switch up between the rooms in your home – you’ll be presently surprised what a difference it makes, and how well they work in another spot. Hello budget home decor update!

3. They give a room a bit of personality

This is the one aspect of your décor where you can really have fun! Go for bright colours, bold prints, fun sayings and even quirky shapes – there really are no rules. Let your personality really shine through here; treat your scatter cushions as you would the accessories to your outfits and let them make a statement.

4. They’re practical

While I’m all for pretty decor ornaments sitting on my shelves, tables, sideboards etc, let’s be honest – other than looking gorge and adding some colour and personality, they don’t serve an actual purpose (or so I’ve been told by Hubby!). Cushions, on the other hand, make your couch or bed that much more comfy, especially on those lazy days for lounging around, so they are super useful. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

5. They’re just so PRETTY!

I realise that this piece is probably a lot more of a justification for my addiction than I would like to admit, so let’s call a spade a spade: scatter cushions are just so pretty! There are so many beautiful prints, colours, designs and shapes, so it’s kind of hard not to fall in love with more than just one of them.

So, if anyone asks, now you know what to tell them!




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